30 Inch Floating Shelves


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30 Inch Floating Shelves

  • These shelves are perfect for your kitchen.
  • They’re made with MDF skeleton, plywood on top and bottom surfaces along with the shelf
  • Which can be wrapped in solid wood or finished unfinished if you want to add another layer of protection against dust!
  • We even offer floating designs so that dishes don’t bump into one another while staying secure at all times- no matter what surface they rest upon thanks again for our level mounting hardware included in this package.”
  • Attach the bracket to the wall studs at two points
  • There is no pre-drilling on the bracket because the placement of studs in homes varies
  • Over the bracket, the shelf slides, and it is secured to the bracket through its top
  • Level, drill/drill bits, stud finder, and pencil are needed to complete the shelves.

Product Description

Color:                             brown

Material:                       Wood & metal

Mounting Type:            Wall Mount

Room Type:                   Anywhere in the house

Item number:                 2

Product Dimensions:    17 x 6 x 5 inches (43.2 x 15.2 x 12.7 cm)


12", 24", 36"


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